Superstars V8 Racing

  • Published by Blackbean Games and Codemasters
  • Developed by Milestone
  • Platforms; Arcade, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Network, Microsoft Windows
  • Released on 20th October 2010 which is a sequel to the original which came out on 26th June 2009
  • Single player
  • 12- player online multi player
  • Based on 2008 season of Italy based superstars series
  • Features many tracks
  • Car types include BMW, Audi, Jaguar
  • Realistic experience from car design to technical engine features
  • pick up n’ play game mechanics





World Rally Champion (WRC)

  • Published by Sony
  • Platforms; PlayStation 2, PS portable, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS Vita
  • WRC was first released on 30th November 2001
  • Latest game of WRC was released on 16th October 2015
  • Two series of video games with official license of WRC have been released
  • The first one was made by Evolution Studios between 2001 and 2005 which consisted of five original games released for PlayStation 2, PSP Port, all based on WRC using official drivers, cars and tracks
  • The second stated in 2010 with the release of WRC:FIA WRC by Italian game developer Milestone, this time for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC
  • WRC (2001) featured damage simulation in the form of visual damage as well as performance damage if the player crashes
  • WRC 2 Extreme (2002) includes extreme cars designed by the team
  • WRC 3 (2003) contains extreme cars and concept cars which were designed by the team
  • WRC 4 (2004) contains extreme cars, S1600 cars and group N4 cars
  • WRC: Rally Evolved (2005) includes teams, drivers, cars and rallies from 2005 season and includes S1600 cars and group B cars from 1980’s however the game doesn’t involve damage stimulation but visual damage can be seen
  • WRC: RIA WRC (2010) features official cars, drivers, co-drivers from the 2o10 season and cars from three support classes; Production WRC, Super 2000 WRC and Junior WRC and includes a downloadable car pack which includes group B cars from 1980’s
  • WRC 2: FIA WRC (2011) features cars and rallies from season 2011 and includes support categories
  • WRC 3: FIA WRC (2012) features cars and rallies from 2012 season and support categories
  • WRC Powerslide  (2013) features cars and rallies from 2013 season and support categories on PlayStation network and Xbox arcade
  • WRC 4: FIA WRC (2013) features cars and rallies from 2013 season and support categories
  • WRC 5: FIA WRC (2015 features a total of 400km of stages and reached number 10 in UK sale chart.




TOCA Race Driver

  • Developed by Codemasters
  • Published by Codemasters
  • Platforms; PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows
  • Released on PlayStation 2 in Europe on 23rd August 2002
  • Released on Windows and Xbox in Europe on 28th March 2003
  • Both single player and multiplayer
  • TOCA Race Driver is a part of the TOCA Touring car series
  • Has a storyline of a character, Ryan McKane, who tries making a home in racing whilst living in the shadow of his brother who is older and more successful and haunted by the death of his father, which Ryan witnessed as a child which also took place on a racetrack
  • TOCA Race Driver went straight to number one in the UK game charts
  • Many tracks were added but some of the world tracks were not continued from TOCA 3




Need for Speed Research

  • Published by Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Platforms; Sega Saturn, MS – DOS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Play Station, Play Station 2, Play Station 3, Play Station 4, PSP, PS Vita, Nintendo Game Cube, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gameboy Advanced, and more.
  • First released 31 August 1994
  • Latest Need for Speed was released on 3rd November 2015
  • Developed by EA Black Box, Criterion Games and Ghost Games.
  • Need for Speed is the most successful racing game series in the world and one of the most successful video game franchise of all time.
  • All of the Need for Speed games have similar rules and mechanics
  • Player must win races in order to unlock cars and tracks
  • Player has the option to select automatic or manual transmission
  • All Need for Speed games have some form of multiplayer made allowing players to race each other via split screen or online
  • In Need for Speed the player is either the police or running from the police
  • Player can edit the way cars look and some aspects within the car for example, upgrading parts like gearbox, engine or the breaks
  • Visual tuning becomes important in career mode
  • Cars are divided into different categories; exotic cars, muscle cars, and special vehicles
  • Includes car manufacturers like; Ford GT, Chevrolet, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Nissan, Mitsubishi and many more
  • Need for Speed games are set in countries such as Australia, Africa, America and all over Europe
  • EA worked with Dream Studios to create a film adaptation of the game which was released on 14th March 2014





Carl Rogers Theory

Carl Rogers was a humanist and a psychotherapist. Rogers believed that humans have one basic motive which is the tendency to self actualize, for example, to be able to fulfil their potential and being able to achieve the highest level of human being-ness). The best example of this would be a plant which needs to be in the right environment in order to fill its full potential. People need to be in an environment which they can grow in order to reach their full potential.  However Rogers also believed that when people become destructive when we think badly of themselves which over comes the valuing process. By following this the person would then lead a “good life” and have a more positive outlook of life.

For a person to achieve self actualization they must be in a state of consistency.

There are five characteristics of a fully functioning person;

  1. Open to experience.
  2. Existential living.
  3. Trust feelings.
  4. Creativity.
  5. Fulfilled life.


carl rogers theory

I agree with Rogers theory as the people you get yourself involved with and the environment you live in all impact the ways you think and how you think. People have a big impact on the way we think, as do the things we see and hear, they alter our opinions and how we act. The way we are brought up and the environment we are brought up in also are an example of this, say if a person had abusive parents, they have the potential of growing up and being an abusive person themselves as that is all they have ever known.



Preparing for the Installation

The day before the Installation date myself, Lou and Ryan and our tutor spent the day fixing things in engine that needed fixing. We started at 9am, going down each street fixing gaps, capping models, sorting glitches and anything that looked unusual in engine. Lou fixed the library and Percy Street, whilst me and Ryan starting fixing things such as the height of the railings for the houses on Albion Street which were a little too high for railings. As we spent hours fixing models, snapping things together and re exporting out of 3ds max and then back into engine the scene started to look a lot less neater. The main job of the day was populating the scene and blocking off streets and making the streets looking less gappy and making sure all of the models are correct. Whilst we was doing this we noticed that the Co-op opposite the Municipal Offices on the corner of Albion Street and Union Street was in the wrong place and was actually supposed to go the next street on on the corner of Jarratt and Charles Street. I then started researching looking up photographs of what was on the top of Bond Street junction. I then found a picture that showed what was on the corner of Union and Albion Street;


Although you can’t see the buildings very well here, when I found the photograph on my phone you could zoom it which helped a lot. You can also tell that the corner of Bond Street and Albion Street was also wrong. This meant that these new building now needed modelling to put into engine to make the scene flow and accurate. As everyone else was busy doing other things I took on the task of modelling these buildings.

Albion_1920x1080_1.00 3568

As I didn’t have long to model these buildings due to the Installation being the next day and a huge list of things that needed fixing, the buildings aren’t my best work, however I will be working on them in order to getting them looking better quality for the next Installation.

After working on the scene for 14 hours we had completed most of the issues that were in engine and so me and Lou called it a night which left Ryan and our tutor to render the video and making the scene populated. I am glad that we did this as the scene looks a million times better now things are fixed.

Non Disclosure Agreements

A non disclosure agreement is a contract which one person or more agree that they will not to disclose confidential information which they have worked on together and discussed. This is also known as a Confidentiality Agreement. They are used in order to keep things private and if a  person breaks this agreement legal action can be taken. Non disclosure agreements usually serve three purposes;

  1. They protect company secrets or sensitive information to which by signing an non disclosure agreement they promise not to talk about the matter with anyone else other that the people that have also signed the agreement.
  2. If it is a new product or a concept development the agreement helps the designers/inventors to keep patent rights.
  3. The agreement outlines which information is private and what can be expressed.


Non disclosure agreements should only contain few brief parts; the definitions and exclusions of the private information, responsibility from everyone that has signed the agreement, the time period span the agreement has.

I have researched non disclosure agreements for future reference in case I ever need to right up an agreement for part of a project I know what to include in it and why it is being down.



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